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A blog is about Lunar New year celebration and Information about that various countries in the world.We provides you complete traditional  information,concept and myths about the lunar new year which is celebrated by Chinese,Japanese,Mongolian,Korean and Vietnamese,many more countries in world based on traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar occurring in month of  late January and early February gives you complete information related to
festivals,traditions,clothes,foods,greetings and zodiac sign of many Asian Parts who celebrate the lunar year according to lunisolar calendar.
Most Of the Asian parts follows an lunar calendar for their local traditional festival.These festival days are complete holiday days in many Asian parts.We are one that taking an initiative to gives you all complete information and Best Photo collections of Great Lunar Year Celebration in not only china but also all various Asian Parts.
We are also providing important and amazing facts about the various countries in the world. Along with the lunar new year celebration,we are now giving different information about various countries in the world.Aim of this site is that you should know various information and facts about various countries.This valuable information which helps at each aspect.For example-when you travel to Vietnam country,information provided by our site about Vietnam country will helps you while travelling in Vietnam.This is a just example.In our site you get information about at most each country.
    We gives you real concept of Lunar New Year.
We Give you facts that you should know about each country

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