Top 10 things to do during lunar new year in Vietnam that makes you lucky

Lunar new year in Vietnam known as Tet festival.Tet celebration time is one of the important and happiest time in Vietnamese life.Vietnamese people each year eagerly wait for Tet festival.Vietnamese are enthusiastic.Everyone is happy during 3 days Tet festival.Always,there is list of do's and don'ts things, that you should follow during festival time.Below are given Certain things that you should follow during Tet festival

Things to do During Lunar new year (Tet Festival) in Vietnam that makes you lucky

Tet Festival Celebration Time
Tet Festival Bright Luck 

(1)Wear red

Red color is lucky.Red color is Good.Red color is money.So wear Red Clothes during lunar new year (Tet Festival) in the Vietnam.Even wear a red shoes and red accessories.Red colour makes you lucky throughout the year.In the Asian Culture.Red color has main importance and it is considered as luck for people.In decoration,you also see significance of red colour.

(2)Wear the new clothes on the first day of Lunar new year

New clothes is always good outfit for the first day of the Lunar new year.Buy new clothes in each lunar new year and wear as Good outfit for the first day of the lunar new year.New clothes always reserved for the first day of the lunar new year.

(3)Always give greeting cards with happy mind set

Gives red envelops or greeting card wishes to anyone with happy mind set.Always show respect while giving greeting card wishes to our colleagues and friends.Give good wishes to everyone and always pray to god for the  goodness of everyone.

(4)Give Lixi (Lucky money) to Children

Money given by elder people to small children during lunar new year is known as Lucky Money.In Vietnamese culture,it is pronounced as Lixi.Lixi is the good custom followed by many Asian countries during lunar new year.Lixi is lucky money for the children.Always give LiXi (Lucky Money) to small children.This makes children happy.Lunar new year is most enjoyable period for children.

(5)Give Lucky Money (LiXi) in Even number.

Even number is reserved for good works in Vietnamese culture.Always give lucky money in even number.Money in even number is considered as luck for the children.Even number is considered a Lucky.

(6)Pay all the debt.

Pay all the debts up to the starting of the lunar new year.If you not pay all the debts up to the lunar new year,it will considered as unlucky throughout new year.

(7)Solve all the arguments.

Lunar new year is considered as the good start of the new year.So solve all the arguments and always try to be calm.Do not think in bad manner about anyone.Always think good for everyone.Pray to god for the wealth of everyone.Don't be jealous and mean to anyone.

(8)Say Nice things and always think in Positive way

If you think in positive way  during lunar new year festival,then you will get good luck throughout the whole new year.
Always think in positive way during lunar new year.Say Nice things while talking.

(9)Maintain the cleanliness in the house

Cleanliness is very important in each celebration of Asian culture.In very house there are three gods of kitchen.Try to avoid dirt in house and always keep your house  clean and fresh.Freshness in house makes you more energetic.

(10)Be energetic,positive and happy

Positiveness in your mind helps to make energetic throughout the year.This helps you to achieve you New year resolution and goals.These are the steps that makes you more closer to your new year resolutions.

Vietnamese new year celebration eve
Tet Festival Crowd

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