Top 10 things to avoid during lunar new year in Vietnam to get luck

In each festival we have take certain precautions or we have to follow a certain rules during celebration.In Vietnam,Lunar new year is known as Tet festival.Tet is one of the main festival in Vietnamese Culture.following are the things are given that you try to avoid during Lunar New Year in the Vietnam

Things to avoid during lunar new year (Tet Festival) in Vietnam

Vietnamese New Year Taboos

(1)Do Not Wear Black-

Black color is considered as Unlucky color.Do not wear black color clothes during lunar new year(Tet Festival )Period.
Even do not wear black color shoes or any accessories which are black in colour.Try to avoid black color during lunar new year.

(2)Do not wear New Clothes Before first day of  the Lunar new year.

New clothes is always good outfit for the first day of lunar new year.So always remember that,Do not wear the new clothes before the first day of Lunar new year.Always reserve new clothes for the start of new year.

(3)Do not gives Red envelop/wishes to your colleague and friends with one hand.

While giving an wishes to everyone always remember that ,give red envelop with happy and respectful mind.
Do not gives red envelopes in hurry to your colleagues and friends with one hand. Always show respect while giving an wishes to everyone.

(4)Do not enter into any one's house on the first day of the lunar new year without invitation.

In Vietnamese Culture,it is believes that person who first enters into the house on the first day of the lunar new year that decide the fortune of entire upcoming year.Always keep this thing in your mind while entering into any-ones house on the first day of the lunar new year in Vietnam.

(5)Do not forget to give Lixi(Lucky Money) to children.

LiXi is one of the custom in the Tet festival that is followed by Vietnamese.Small children are also excited about this event(custom).Therefore,Do not forget to Give LiXi to small children while giving wishes.LiXi is considered as lucky money for children.

(6)Do not Give LiXi(Lucky Money) in Odd Numbers.

Odd numbers is reserved for the funeral in the Vietnam Culture.So always remember that,do not give Lixi(Lucky Money)in odd numbers.Odd number is considered as unlucky.

(7)Do not borrow money

It is believes that in Culture if you borrow money during Tet festival times,then you gets debate throughout in the whole year.So always remember that do not Borrow money during Lunar new year(Tet Festival) In Vietnam.

(8) Do not make argument

Lunar new year is relaxing,happy and prosperous time in the whole year where all the colleagues and friends meet each other.So Do not make argument and always be a happy,calm.

(9)Do not think in Negative way

Lunar new year is best time for the luck.So if you think in negative way during lunar new year,then you get bad luck throughout in the whole new year.Be a happy and  cheerful during lunar new year(Tet Festival)Period.

(10)Don't make Dirt in the house

Cleaning is very important custom in Lunar new year (Tet Festival) in the Vietnam.So don't make dirt in the house.Always try to keep your house well neat and clean.If environment is fresh then obviously you feel energetic.Maintain cleanliness in the house.

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