Seollal,Korean Lunar New Year's Festival

Lunar new year is celebrated in all over the world,but prominently in 5 Asian countries.Korea is one of them.Lunar new year in Korea is known as Seollal.Out of many national holiday in Korea,Seollal is the biggest and most important holiday.Since ancient Korea dating back to nearly two thousand year ago Historic records shows that Korean have kept the tradition of spending the first day of lunar calendar in a special way.when looking closely at the Korean world,Seollal gives you a glimpse of how Korean people traditionally celebrate their cultural festival.Let's go in detail about the lunar new year in Korea which is known as Seollal.

Seollal,Korean Lunar New Year's Celebration

Korean Lunar New Year Celebration
Korean New Year-Seollal

What is mean by Seollal?

In simple words,Seollal means korean New Year's Day.Seollal is basically Korean word.Seollal is the combination of Seol and Lal two korean words.Meaning of Lal Korean word is day in English language.Same word has different meanings according to its context.Similarly,Seol word has also many meanings.Meaning of Seol Korean word is unfamiliar,cautious,sorrowful.So it can be further say that,Koreans have kept this unfamiliar first new day solemnly with an exercise of caution and moderation.
This mindset of cherishing the moment of first day of lunar new year,is deeply reflected in traditional culture.Lunar new year celebration in Korea called as Seollal.

Seollal meaning Images
Meaning of Seollal

Date for Seollal,Korean new year's day

Seollal is occurs on first day of the first month of Korean calendar.According to the Gregorian calendar,it is occurs in January or February month.Date for Seollal is not fix because it depends upon Korean lunar calendar i.e. cycles of moon.It's frequency changes annually.Seollal,Korean new year's day is on 12 February in 2021.There are 12 Zodiac animals corresponding to the cycles of year.2021 is the year of Ox.

Whether Seollal,Korean new year is celebrated on the same day as Chinese new year?

Korean calendar is derived from Chinese calendar.So,Korean new years typically occurs on the same day as Chinese new year with little bit local time difference.But,Korean new year holiday is actually starts 3 days before the lunar new year days and end up to the new year day.

What's the difference between western new year and Korean new year?

1)In western countries, people tend to party new year with friends.Korean cerebrate new year with family.Korean people prefer to stay in home with all family members and relatives during new year time.
2)Western new year is goes by Gregorian calendar and Korean new year is goes by lunar calendar.
3)Western new year occurs on first day of January month.But Korean new year occurs anywhere in between 21 January and 20 February.
4)Date for western new year is fix,but date for Korean new year is not fix.Date of Korean new year is depends upon on cycles of moon.Many Countries celebrate the lunar new year .Every culture has its own way to celebrate the lunar new year.

History of Korean Lunar New Year

Seollal is one of the biggest national holiday in Korea.Many history book have records of Korean celebrating lunar new year as far back during the Sillia kingdom era.Traces of the turn on Korean is also found during chosun dynasty.Any Previous attempts made by the government in past to keep only the solar new year's holiday is failed as the deep all Koreans have held for the thousands of years towards the first moment of the year in a lunar calendar,it is stamped on their minds.Also it is good to have two beginnings of a year and second chance to stick your new year resolution.

Korean New Year-Seollal
Korean New Year

How do the Koreans Celebrate Seollal,Korean New Year's day

Travel Time
Seollal is 3 day festival.Many Koreans returns to their home towns to visit there parents and other family members.Lot of crowd on roads during this time of year with millions travelling across the country.Travel time is considered in Seollal.Many people to prefer to travel in trains.Korean people will visit their hometown, spend time with the family and pay respect to ancestors

Ancestral Rituals
On the morning of Seollal everyone is dress up  traditional cloth Hanbook and usually carry out the ancestral rituals by placing an traditional foods in front of pictures or names of deceased.Ancestors ceremony will takes place on home.Table is set up with Bap(rice),Jeon(Fish cake),Yakawa(Traditional cookies).

Bow(Respect to elder)
After that children wish their elders.Happy new year performing by deep traditional bow in returns of their elders gives short words of wisdom and some pocket money to the young families.Eat the "Teokguk" traditional Korean soup with thin beefs broth and slice of chewy rice cakes.Eating traditional soup is considered as adding one new year to your age.You becomes one year older based on lunar new year.Seollal is the time to gather all family ,relatives and housewife most of time spend on kitchen to prepare all this foods

Playing Games
After the feast, family plays an traditional korean games such as "Yeoiniri","JEGICHAGI" and "GONGGI".Adult plays "GODORI".If weather is nice outside families may fly rectangular kites and jump on sea-sow.

New Year Wishes
New year wishes given by Korean people in following ways-"SAEHAE BOK MANI BADEUSEYO".It means "May you receive much luck in new year".

Final Overview Of Korean New Year

Korean start the day holiday memorial service for ancestors,praying for the prosperity of the family and expressing gratitude towards them by sincerely preparing food and they make deep bow to their elders or Hebai;Paying respect to them and also seeking their blessings for new beginning.Then people spent rest of day with family.Eating traditional foods,playing food games and sharing stories is to be more that 120 years.since the solar calendar introduced in Korea but still Korean people still keep the traditions of celebrating lunar new year's day.Korean new year is related to Chinese new year,Vietnamese new year,Mongolian new year,Tibetan new year and Japanese new year,

Korean New Year-Seollal
Happy Korean New Year

Happy Korean New Year

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