customs and Rituals of Seollal,Korean Lunar New Year's Festival

There is one day in Korea that makes everyone fall in love with Korea country.You think January 1st is important day in Korea.But wait a minute,the real deal for Korean people is Seollal,Korean new year's day.Seollal is real deal for them.Seollal is biggest national holiday in Korea.lunar new year in Korea is known as Seollal.Korean people always eager for this day.It is chance to us to explore and get valuable knowledge about the traditional culture of Korea by understanding the customs and rituals of Seollal festival.Koreans love to maintain traditional culture and Seollal festival is stamped on their minds.
Let's go in details.

Rituals and customs of Seollal or Korean lunar new year's Day

Korean New Year-Seollal
Seollal,Korean New Year's day

New year's eve tradition and Family gathering

On Seollal,many people travel to their hometowns for their families and friends.Seollal is the time in a year when all family colleagues come together to spend happy valuable time.There is interesting tradition on the eve of the Seollal many people bring their shoes inside before going to bed to prevent them by reckless spirit.

Seollal,Korean new year's eve
New Year's Eve Look in Korea

Praying for Ancestors (Ancestors rituals-Charye)

Korean begin new year morning with the bell sound coming from Bosingak bell pavilion.Traditional Seollal is time where people takes time from daily routine and giving homage to ancestors.Koreans hold memorial ceremony or Jisa for their ancestors on the anniversary of their death on the holiday.They perform ancestral rites are chatting which looks similar to memorial ceremony but have different objective to give thanks to ancestors. 

Korean new year ancestor rituals
Ancestor Rituals

Korean new year customs
Korean New Year's Rituals

Wearing special traditional Clothes (Seolbum)

On the new year's day everyone wear the special clothes called as Seolbum meaning new cloths.Generally they are hanbok,korea's traditional costume. 

Traditional Hanbok Costume
Traditional Hanbok Costume

Setting up table with traditional foods

The table setting for ancestral rites on Seollal includes traditional soup Teokguk,fruits that have stored through the winter,pan fried foods first dipped in flour and egg,grilled beef and vegetable,leaf on stewards.Garaetteok is kind of rice cake made by kneading steamed rice flour dells in forming it into long narrow cylinders.Garaetteok is main ingredient in Korean traditional soup Teokguk.Garaetteok is made in long strength to symbolise healthy long life.Traditionally people dedicate these rites to four generations of ancestors,The ancestor rites of Seollal are beautiful ritual that offers a glimpse into Korean virtual filial piety.

Seollal,Korean new year's customs
Traditional Foods for Seollal

Gaining Virtue by drinking liquor to ancestors (Eumbok)

After the ancestor rites,there is traditional where Everyone is encouraged to participate because drinking the liquor we had served to the ancestors help us to share our ancestors virtue,Eumbok tradition is said to bring you good luck and virtue in new year.Make sure to drink in moderation so you don't get drunk.

Seollal Customs and Rituals-Eumbok
Korean New Year Rituals-Eumbok

Giving Respect and wishes to elders (Sebae) 

Peoples all dressed up in their traditionally clothes fell deeply to their elders.This traditional is called as Sebae.This expresses respect and wishes for health for those elders who are still with us.The elders who receives Sebae,elders give new year wishes and pocket money for the children having many adults in family.
Bokjori is another symbol of the wish for good luck,Jory are says used when washing rice.It is said that hanging straw bokjori filters out bad luck and brings an only good luck throughout the new year.That's why Korean people buy bokjori no one tries to hangles over the price

Seollal,New year's rituals and customs
Bow- Respect Elders

Korean new year symbol of luck
Bokjori-Symbol of Luck

Enjoyments of Seollal (Playing Games together)

After the ancestral rites and Sebae, the families go out together to old palaces,museums or amusement park.Many are free and there are many special events to make Seollal even more enjoyable.some families uses extended holidays to go on trips.

Koreans play variety of traditional games-
Jegichagi-Kicking shuttlecock made by wrapping cock in paper or is easy game which can be enjoyed by everyone,It is competition to see who can keep shuttlecock up in the air longest.
Yunnori is traditional game in which four oblong stakes act like dice.This game is won by moving stones around the board faster.This game play together with family members and friends.
There is one another delight waiting on Seollal's is kite flying or Yeonnalligi.Wishing fo the luck for flying kites.people compete to be who can fly their kite with highest or far there .it is said that,people can get rid of all their bid life by writing their,names on kite or letting to fly high into the sky.

Yunnori traditional game
Korean traditional Game-Yunnori

Kite flying for the occasion of Seollal,Korean new year's day
Kite for Seollal

At first glance it is look like a day of work but closer look reveals Seollal is precious holiday to spend together and wish each other.A great new year wishing a happy new year.

Korean New Year's Day Seollal
Happy Korean New Year

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