what are the living average cost in Vietnam to stay good life?

Cost of living is important factor while deciding to arrange travel trip for any country or deciding to settle down for any country far  away from home. Cost of living should be affordable to stay down in the  any country.It is also depends upon which type of currency in that country where we arranging trip or want to settle down,.Cost of living includes Rent price,Electricity price,Internet price,management fees,cellphone plan fees,motorbike rent price,parking price,taxi price,groceries price,eating out price,movie ticket price,visa runs and many more.
Here in this article we are finding out the overall cost  of living in Vietnam.While finding out the cost we are making comparison  with the other Asian Country like India and the Western country like America.However Vietnam is among the top country where tourist  prefer to travel.Vietnam is beautiful country to explore for traveller.
1 dollar is approximately equal to 70 Rupees.
1 Rupees is approximately equal to 326 Vietnamese Dong.
This value is not constant, changes daily according to share market.
Here in this article MTH is stand for Month and all the cost values are given in dollars($).
If you want to check current currency value of various countries then you can check on Google.

What are the Cost Of Living In Vietnam?

Flag Of Vietnam
Cost Of Living

Rent Prices In Vietnam -

Rent prices in Vietnam are depends upon the which city you are staying in Vietnam and is it a special room or shared room in the  house?A room in shared house costs you around $250 USD/MTH.But If you want to stay in a certain location in a CONDO House expect to pay western Prices.Hoi Chi Mini city is most expensive city in Vietnam  you have to pay more.If you are coming from Western countries like America then you feel Rent prices are very Cheap.But If you are coming from Asian countries like India then you feel rent prices are not so cheap but affordable to stay. Obviously it is game of currency.

Rent Prices

Electricity Cost

Electricity cost is depends upon the number of electrical equipment's in the house.If you have don’t Air conditioning(A.C)running 24/7 hours then cost should be affordable.Normal Electricity cost around $40 USD/MTH.
If you are coming from western side or even Asian side,you fell electrical cost are not too bad.It is totally depend upon the how many electrical equipment you are using and how much time  you are using.
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Electricity Cost

Utility cost

Utility cost includes Internet cost,water cost and management cost.Utilities management fees is cheap.It shouldn't cost you more than $20-30 USD/MTH.
Cellphone plans.
A cellphone plans with all of  the fixings can be had for the peanuts(30-100k VND/Month)
Normal cost plan is less than the 5 dollars.In Hoi Chi Mini city  many malls have the free WiFi.

Utility Cost list
Utility Cost

Motorbike Rents-

Motorbike rentals-are reasonable price.Traffic condition in Vietnam is very serious.You can rent a standard bike for around 50-70$ USD/MTH.
Big Discount-Gas on Motor bike is very cheap as compared to the western.
Bike Creation Photos
Motorbike Rents

Taxi price-

If you want to book taxes in Vietnam then use only reputed companies taxes.Vinasun and Mai Linh are reputed companies here.You have to be pay nearly around 40-60 cents per kilometre. Always prefer to book taxes of reputed companies.


Groceries cost

Groceries price are not much cheaper than the eating out in Vietnam.Street food prices comes pretty close to the cost of cooking your own meal.
Eating Out Cost-
Street food in Vietnam is cheaper.Most meal in street cost you around 1-3$ USD dollars.Expect to pay more at restaurant.Giant sandwich cost you around the $ 1-3 Dollars.For the western food in Vietnam you have to be pay more.KFC prices are little bit more than the street food.It cost you around 10 dollars.
 Groceries and eating out of cost you nearly around 50 $DOLLARS/MTH


Entertainment Movie tickets-

Movie tickets are quite cheap with reference to western country..Regular ticket cost is around the 4.5$ USD and even cheaper in certain days of weeks.But gold cost ticket is little bit more around the 20 USD Dollars.
Cinema Theatre

Visa Runs-

Visa runs are depends upon the many factors such as time period you are staying here.Plan and budget accordingly.if  invitation letter with you for Vietnam country,visa run cost you little bit lower.Visa run cost depend upon many factors.
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1)Rent(Room in Shared House)-250$ USD/MTH
2)Electricity-40$ USD/MTH
3)Water,Internet and Management Fees-15$ USD/MTH
4)Cellphone Plans(3 GB Per Day)-5$ USD/MTH
5)Motorbike Rent-60$ USD/MTH
6)Gas-10$ USD/MTH
7)Parking-2$ USD/MTH
8)Groceries(Eating Out Of Most Time)-50$ USD/MTH
9)Food-250$ USD/MTH
10)Movie Ticket-5$ USD/MTH

If you want to stay in the Vietnam then overall cost of living approximately around 700 to 750$ Dollars.This value little bit  varies according city in Vietnam or Region where you Living In Vietnam.This value is average value,If you want give any feedback and comment ,you can comment down below box.If you like it or feels like useful then share it with the friends.
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