Vietnamese Lunar New Year Snacks (Tet Festival Snacks)

Tet is biggest celebration in Vietnamese Culture.Everyone is energetic and happy during Tet Festival.Decoration and cleaning are customs that should be followed during Tet Festival.Everyone has a lot of work to do during festival.Everyone is busy so snack is good option to fill up stomach in less time.Packaged  foods and other proceed foods are two main varieties of Snack food.Snack are mostly prepared from the ingredients available in home.Mut candied fruits is popular traditional snack in Vietnamese culture.Vietnamese foods are always fun to make and delicious to eat.Below are given list of Snacks which are preferred by Vietnamese in Tet Festival and also in Daily life

Snacks that should eat during Tet Festival and daily life in Vietnam

Vietnamese snacks
Vietnamese Snacks

(1)Mut-Candied fruits

Tet Jam (Mut) is not a food to serve in meal during tet holiday,but more like a snack to welcome guest.Mut is always kept in circular boxes.It is the main food for the quest.Mut contains usually all kind of dry fruits,some kind of seeds(Pumpkin,watermelon).It is part of the traditional culture during Tet festival in Vietnam and it is followed by Vietnamese since long years.

Vietnamese lunar new year traditional Mut Candied fruits
Mut-Candied Fruit

Candied Coconut
Candied Coconut Flakes

Candied Ginger
Candied Ginger

(2)Banh Tieu(Vietnamese Doughnuts/Hollow Breads)

It is hollow bread or Vietnamese hollow doughnut.It looks very beautiful and taste delicious.Banh Tieu is popular Asia snack.It is also served as dessert.bread flour,warm water,sugar,instant yeast,sesame nuts,vegetables are the main ingredients of the Vietnamese Dough nut(Banh Tieu).In this snack dish you see pupping effect.
When you cut the doughnut you see hollow pockets inside doughnut,that's why it is known as hollow doughnuts.Hollow doughnuts in some part of the Vietnam people stuff a cow cake or a bun ball inside and  In some part of Vietnam people it is  served as snack(breakfast) with the together glass of soy milk.

Vietnamese lunar new year snack- Banh Tieu
Vietnamese Hollow Donuts

(3)Banh Dau Xanh Nurong (Vietnamese mung bean pastry cake)

Banh Dau Xanh Nurong is basically Vietnamese munged bean cake.It is favourite snack as circuit.Mung bean is a lot of used in the Vietnamese culture.Some of you not familiar with them.Mung bean have more protein,Vitamin,calcium and iron fibre.Baked mung bean cake is very easy to make and delicious.It has lightness but it has fillings.Split mung beans,coconut milk,condensed milk.sugar,large egg,melted butter,starch tapioca,vanilla extract are main ingredients of Munged bake cake.

Vietnamese Baked Cake (Banh Du Xanh Nurong)
Baked Mung Bean Cake

(4)Dau Ran(Fried tofu)

Tofu is made up of soy milk that are pressed into the white blocks and it is originate from china.It is generally eat with sauce.It is vegetarian dish because its high in protein.This snack dish looks very savory and delicious to taste.It is also you can eat with rice.It is common snack dish.You can find in a common meal for Vietnamese families.It is really simple and quick to make.Block from Tofu,medium ripe tomatoes,large clove garlic,sugar,fish sauce(Soya Sauce) are main ingredients of Fried tofu.You can sprinkle some chopped Onion and  chilli pepper on top to get better test.

Vietnamese lunar new year snacks-Dau Ran
Dau Ran (Fried Tofu)

Following are given list of additional snacks that Vietnamese love to eat during daily life-


Jackfruit is huge spicy fruit and they can grow up to the hundred pounds.Sabava Jack Fruit chips are famous in the Vietnamese for the Snacks.Vietnamese prefer this chips for snacks in daily routines.In Tet Festival also many Vietnamese prefer this as snack. Jack fruit is also known as the jack tree.It is main origin between western ghats of southern India and rain-forest of Malaysia.

Snack Jack Fruit Chips
Jack Fruit Chips

(6)Pia Cake

Pia cake is unique snack in Vietnam.Pia is durian in Vietnamese,Vietnamese people like durian fruits.Pia cake is famous snack in Vietnamese.Vietnamese eat this as snack in daily routine.

Vietnamese Pia Cake Snack
Vietnamese Pia Cake

(7)Banh Dua Xanh Tra Xanh(Matcha Castella/Green Bean Cake)

This is one type of the cake sorts.It is called as green bean which means mung bean.Mung Bean is important in Vietnamese cuisine.Mung beans contains in large quality proteins.vitamins,calcium and iron fibres.Vietnamese mostly prefer healthy diets and as you see the consumption of vegetable is much more in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Daily Sanck-Matcha Castella
Banh Dau Xanh Tra Xanh (Matcha Castella cake)

(8)Bird's Nest soup-

This soup is taste likes syrup.It is sweet soup.It is made up of the birds nest.This soup is expensive as compared to other soup.Nest Of bird made with saliva of bird.This soup contains the saliva of the bird.Always remember that, this soup is one of the healthiest soup among all the soup in the world.Many Tradition medicine components have long nailed the powerful effect of birds nest soup.Nest made from bird saliva have become the more popular ingredients for many recipe.

Vietnamese Snack-Bird's soup
Bird's Nest Soup

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