Vietnamese lunar New year Drinks (Tet Festival Drinks)

Tet is biggest festival in Vietnam culture.It is considered as national holiday in Vietnam.Vietnamese drinks are popular in all over the World.Vietnamese people prefer Traditional drink during special occasions or events such as Tet Fest.Vietnamese drinks are delicious and diverse.You can find variety of drinks in Vietnam.Below are given list wise description of delightful drinks that Vietnamese love during lunar new year in Vietnam.

Delicious drinks that you should drink during lunar new year in Vietnam

Vietnamese lunar new year delightful drinks
Vietnamese Drinks

(1)Ruou can (Vietnamese Organic Black Rice)

Rice wine is the choice of drink for locals in Vietnam.When they are celebrating, partying and enjoying.It is one of the unique traditional culture sign(remark) in the Vietnamese Culture.It is most popular traditional drink in Tet Festival.It is homemade rice wine.Making rice wine is traditional job for the many Vietnamese families.
Vietnamese love this drink so much.Fist we have to cook the sticky rice and then place on the tray for it to cool.Next day,mix that rice with yeast and put out that whole mixture into the clay jar for 3 days.After that add some water to them and out everything into a big pot to cook.This is product the rice wine.This is one unique wine.Vietnamese organic black rice contains natural antioxidants,anthocyanins,High in Fibres,Vitamins and Minerals.

Organic black rice wine-Vietnamese new year Drink
Vietnamese Organic Black Rice Wine

Vietnamese lunar new year drink-Black Rice Wine
Black Rice Wine

(2)Vietnamese Longan dessert drink

Longan in the tropical sweet fruit that is native to the southeast of the Asia.Many Chinese people call it as eye of dragons because of black round seed in White pulps.This drink is Vietnamese authentic dessert drink.It is hot cup at hand really enhances the sweetness aroma of longan.This authentic dessert drink love by Vietnamese during Tet Festival.

Longan dessert drink
Vietnamese Longan Dessert Drink

(3)Traditional Grape Alcohol

Grape alcohol is made up from finest organic grape variants in Vietnam.First thing you should know that, when you harvest the fresh grapes and fermentation  has not begun,then there will be no alcohol in these grapes.Fresh grapes without fermentation does not contain any alcohol.Fermentation process is must for grapes to get wine from it.Grape wine is common drink during Tet festival in Vietnam.

Image of Grape
Fermented Grape Image

Vietnamese traditional grape wine drink
Grape Wine

(4)Bia Hoi Beer-

Bia Hoi is cheapest beer in not only Vietnam but also in the World.The cost of the beer nearly same as the cost of water in Vietnam.Bia Hoi is traditional beer in Vietnam.Vietnamese people love this drink.It cost you around nearly about 5.00 Vietnamese dong.

Vietnamese Bia Hoi Beer
Bia Hoi Beer in Vietnam

BIA HOI beer in Vietnam
Bia Hoi Price Board

below are given special drinks list that loved by Vietnamese people during summer time and even in Tet festival

(5)Sugar cane Juice-

Way of making Sugarcane Juice in Vietnam is quiet just different from the other country.Sugar cane juice is very famous in not only Vietnam but also in many country.It has smooth,sticky texture.It is quite concentrated form in Vietnam.Vietnamese think,If you let the ice melt in Vietnamese heat,it will be well balanced drink.This drink in found common in all over the streets of the Vietnam.

Sugar cane juice in plastic bottle
Sugarcane Juice

(6) Fresh Coconut Juice

Vietnamese coconut is quite different from coconut in Thailand.Coconut in Vietnam got more juice and less sweet than the coconut in Thailand.It is different type of coconut. Vietnam end with the refreshing taste of the young coconut.Vietnamese preferred this drink in daily routine including Tet Festival.

Coconut Juice Image
Fresh Coconut Water

Importance and significance of coconut in Vietnam-

Vietnam is known for wide range of special fruits such as Dragon,Lunchee,Mango,Durian,Rambutan,Longan,Papaya etc.
We cannot miss out the coconut in special list of fruits who has great versatility.Coconut made significance contribution to the national economy of Vietnam.Coconut tree has the thousands of uses.It has spiritual and material significance in the life of Vietnamese people for long time.Specially trunk is used for building hoses making household tensors and handcraft coconut leaves are used to make handcrafts.the harsh shell can be used to make the charcoal and fibrous husk is used to make ropes.

Coconut Best Image
Coconut Image

coconut juice is rich in minerals and vitamins.coconut water is natural juice and high source of nutrition for bodies.coconuts are not only used for juice they are also ideal ingredients in delicious dishes.The sweetest taste of fresh coconut water in combination with the edible coconut flesh and coconut milk will create an enriching and unforgettable flavour for everyone.The weather and pathology conditions in Vietnam particularly in the Mekong delta region and central coasted areas as suitable for coconut trees to grow.Coconut trees ranks the 4th in Vietnam in terms of growing areas after rubber,cashew and coffee.coconut products in Vietnam is shipped to 36 countries including united kingdom,France,United states,china,United Arab Emirates and Holland.

Coconut trees
Coconut Tree

(7)Cam Sanh (orange juice)

Orange juice is popular drink on the saigon's streets.Firstly fresh oranges are sliced to halves,then they are put into the squeezer and extracted juice are collected below the muzzle of squeezer.Orange juice drink with ice rocks and square is added.It is healthy juice.Vietnamese preferred this juice in summer.

Vietnamese Orange Juice Drink
Orange Juice

(8)Chanh Muoi(Vietnamese lemonade/Vietnamese preserved lemon juice with salt)

It is quick and authentic Vietnamese drink made from pickled (salted and preserved) lemons.It is very healthy and nutrition full drink.Preserved lemon contains large quantity of Lactobacillus bacteria. Lactobacillus is responsible for your gut health and gastrointestinal environment.

Vietnamese lemon juice
Vietnamese Lemonade

(9)Sinh to (Fruit smoothie)

Smoothie is thick and creamy beverage made from pure raw fruit.Fruit smoothie is very famous in Saigan city in the Vietnam.
According to your best guess(requirements) related to the test,flavour,textures,the fruit smoothie in Vietnam is made with the fresh fruits in Vietnam.It is the mixture of the ice,condensed milk, fruits which you want.Avogadro smoothie is common in Vietnam
Below are given photo collection and list of the smoothies related to different fruits-

Fruit Smoothie Drink
Fruit Smoothie

(1)Banana Smoothie

Vietnamese Banana Fruit Smoothie drink
Banana Smoothie

(2)Avogadro smoothie

Vietnamese Avogadro Smoothie
Avagadro Smoothie

(3)Dragon fruit smoothie

Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Smoothie Drink
Dragon Smoothie

(4)Papaya smoothie

Vietnamese Papaya Smoothie
Papaya Smoothie

(5)Mixed fruit smoothie

Fruit Smoothie
Mixed Fruit Smoothie

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