Vietnamese lunar new year Dishes (Tet Festival Dishes)

Food is an important aspect of any culture.In each culture,we find a unique type of foods.As in Vietnam, people always prefer healthy diet food.during Tet festival,many healthy foods are cooked by Vietnamese.Cooking a holiday special food is one of the custom of the Tet festival in Vietnam.Tet festival is biggest festival in Vietnam.Many traditional foods are also seen during that time on the dining table of Vietnamese.Vietnamese are good in to maintain their traditional culture.Here are the list of foods in Tet festival or the foods that are also used in daily routine of Vietnam-

Traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) Dishes-

Tet Festival Dishes
Tet Festival(Lunar New Year) Dishes

(1)Banh Chung(Sticky Rice Cake with the Mung bean and pork fillings).

Banh Chung is most popular food during the Tet festival Period in Vietnam.It is traditional food in Vietnam.It's must for the Tet Festival.It is sticky rice cake with the mung bean and pork filling.Banh Chung is traditional Vietnamese rice cake which is made up from the simple and basic ingredients such as mung bean,glutinous rice and Pork.Banh-Chung is common in the Northern Vietnam.Banh Chung is generally square in Shape.Square shape of the Banh Chung is Represents  the Earth.

Traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) Dishes

(2)Banh Tet (Sticky Rice Cake with the Mung Bean and Pork Fillings)

This traditional food is similar to the Banh Chung food.The all ingredients is same as the above Banh Chung.But Banh Tet is cylindrical in shape.The cylindrical shape of Banh Tet represents the sky.This are the traditional beliefs which connects the all elements of universe.Traditional food is very important part of aspect to explore culture of each country.

Traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year Photo

(3) Banh Chung Ran(Fried sticky rice with mung bean and Pork Fillings)

Banh chung ran is somewhat similar to the Banh chung dish.After frying the Banh Chung,we called it as Banh Chung ran.It is fried sticky rice with mung bean and pork fillings.It is combined dish of  fried Banh Chung,mung bean,onion bulbs and pork fillings sausage.Vietnamese people prefer this dish in Tet festival.It is most common dish found on the dining table during lunar new year in each house of Vietnam.

Fried sticky Rice cake

Traditional Vietnamese Dish for Tet Festival

Cured Fermented Pork Sausage

Pickled Green Onion Bulbs

(4)Nem Chua(Cured fermented pork sausage)

Nem Chua is Cured fermented pork sausage.Nem Chua is a quite delicacy in the Vietnamese Culture.Typically,small little cubes are served on the dish and people will much on it casually around the table over few opened bottles of beers.Fermented and curing beef has been part of many culture before in the invention of fridge.
This food is spicy,garlic,appetite. One who grew up on this stuff,they don't find it strange at all.Off course,Interest depends upon the culture where you are living.Nem Chua is common dish you will find in Vietnam during Tet Festival.It is traditional food in Tet-Lunar new year festival.

Cured fermented pork Sausage

(5)Gio Thu(Head Cheese)

Gio Thu is Head cheese,but it is a just cut made from pig head.In the Tet Celebration,it is served in a dish and dipped in sauce.It is basically head of Pig.It is made up very simple.Very few minutes are required to make it.In normal days also Vietnamese people prefer this dish.The Pig is treasured animal in Vietnamese culture and in history(back in the day),pigs were commonly used as dowry gifts in marriage ceremony celebration.No part of the Pig is wasted in Vietnam during Tet festival.World is consist of different culture and in each culture,you find a variety of foods and different interest show by the local people in their own country according to culture.

Head Cheese

(6)Long Xao(Stir Fried Pig"s Heart)

Long Xao is nothing but stir fried pig's heart.
Vietnamese food is full of simplicity,variations by regions.It is also served on the table while Tet Festival.No One part of Pig is wasted in Vietnam during Tet.Pig is treasured animal in Vietnamese.
It is also traditional food in Vietnam which you find on dining table during Tet Festival Time.

Stir Fried Pigs Heart

(7)Canh Rau Cu chay(Vegetable Soup).

Vietnamese most of times prefer healthy diet.Consumption of Vegetable in Vietnamese diet is more.Canh Rau Cu Chay is Vegetable soup with potatoes,broccoli,carrots and soy based sausage.It is vegetarian traditional dish in the Vietnamese culture.It is served on the table in dish  while Tet Festival.It is also daily routine diet for Vietnamese. If you are vegetarian and lived in Vietnam,then you can test this traditional food during the Tet Festival Period.This food is best choice for the vegetarian who lived in Vietnam.

Vegetable soup

(8)Mien Xao Chay(Stir fried glass noodles with shiitake and wood Ear mushrooms)

This dish also traditional dish in Vietnam and prefer in the Tet Festival.Mien Xao Chay is stir-fried glass noodles with shiitake and wood Ear mushrooms.This is quick and healthy dietary dish,which is actually made up from special kind of vegetable,glass noodles.shiitake mushrooms and Wood Ear mushrooms.
Glass noodles are also called cellophane noodles or fensi.They are made up from starch and water.They are generally sold in dried form soaked to reconstitute,then used in soup,Stir fried dishes.
Shiitake mushrooms an edible mushroom that grows on fallen timber,Cultivated in japan and china.
Wood Ear mushrooms are black and brown in color that grown on trees and is sold in dry wrinkled shapes somewhat similar to the shape of Ears.

Stir Fried glass noodles with shiitake and woodear mushrooms

(9)Thit Quay Chay (Vegetarian Pork)

It is vegetarian pork roasted with the citrus leaves.You can also called them soy based with the citrus leaves.It is also Tet-Vietnamese new year dish.It is made up from the vegetarian pork.vegetarian pork is a fake meat.It is made up of many ingredients such as soy texture vegetable protein or wheat Gluten.This food is mimic certain qualities of animal based meat like texture flavour and appearances.Foreigner who are vegetarian can try this dish as an good alternative.

Vegetarian Pork

(10)Ga Chay-Vegetarian Chicken(soy based)

It is soy based vegetarian chicken dish.It is also served on the dining table in Vietnam during Tet Festival of the time.
It is vegetarian dish.This dish is good alternative for the Foreigners  who are vegetarian and live in Vietnam.During Tet festival period time this is dish is common in Vietnam

Vegetarian Chicken soy based

(11)Vietnamese Banh Bao (Vietnamese steamed Pork Buns)

It is Vietnamese version of the steamed pork buns.It is supper floppy bun with the pork eggs and Chinese sausages and vegetable fillings.Luke worm milk,dry instant yeast mushrooms,sugar,salt and vegetable oil is basic ingredients of the Banh Bao Dish.You can also give cute piggy shape to it.Always store in fridge and perfect breakfast for the Tet Festival.

Banh Bao

(12) Xoi Do Xanh (Sticky rice with mung bean)

Mung bean is most popular ingredient in the Vietnamese cuisine. Xoi Do Xanh is sticky rice with mung bean.Glutinous rice,mung bean,salt.water are the basic ingredients of the Xoi Do Xanh dish.Xoi Do Xanh Dish is common traditional dish in the Vietnam.
Vietnamese people love to eat this dish in daily routine including Tet Festival.Below are the given some more best photo collection of Vietnamese Dishes during Tet Festival- 

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