Vietnamese Lunar New Year Desserts (Tet Festival Desserts)

Tet is biggest celebration in the Vietnamese culture.Vietnamese desserts are famous in all over the world.Desserts must have for the Tet festival.Desserts have special importance in Vietnamese Daily life.Vietnamese love to eat desserts.Desserts are always reserved for the last.Desserts are the last but sweet.Always remember that,save the best for the last. Vietnamese desserts are always fun to make it and delicious to eat it.Making a healthy cooking food and delicious desserts are the part of Vietnamese new year customs and traditions.Vietnamese people love to maintain their traditional culture.

Vietnamese Lunar New Year Top Delicious Desserts (Tet Festival Desserts)

Vietnamese new Year desserts

(1)Che Kho (Mung Bean cake with sesame seeds and Jackfruits)

Mung bean pudding cake is a casual and tasty sweet dessert during the Tet Vietnamese new year.It is made with the sesame seeds and baby jackfruit.It is one of the traditional dessert of the Vietnam.It is most popular yummy dessert served during lunar new year,This dish start as pudding but once it set it's more like cake.Enjoy this sweet food and you can also serve it as snack.Main ingredients are split mung bean,salt,water,sugar,sesame seeds.It is one of the popular dessert you found during Tet festival in the Vietnam.

Che Tho (Mung Bean Cake)

(2)Che (Sweet Dessert Soup)

Desserts for an important part of everybody life in Vietnam.You will find all ages enjoying sweet treats.Che dessert soup is comes in variety of colours and texture.Dang Thi Thanh Huyen has been making Che for 30 years,Dessert is combination of jelly,fruit,green beans and coconut milk.At every home,it is usual for Vietnamese to have desserts after finishing a meal.It is little but sweet.Vietnamese like to eat.

(3)Sura chua Nep Cam(Black Sticky Rice Yogurt Pudding)

It is beloved dessert among all the ages of Vietnamese People.It is most popular sweet dish (Dessert) made from Sticky rice.This  is ancient time traditional dessert.A heartwarming and bowl licking dessert for the Tet holiday season.Black rice,water,palm sugar or rock sugar,sugar free yogurt are the basic ingredients of Black rice pudding Yogurt.It's taste delicious.It is great healthy warm dessert.It is healthy,  delicious and  easy one which can be whipped quickly.

Sura Chua Nep Cam ( Black sticky rice yogurt)

(4)Che troi Nuoc/Banh Chay (Sticky Glutinous rice balls in the ginger syrup)

It is warm dessert.This warm dessert is all about the comfort food with the  sticky rice,mung bean fillings,sweet ginger syrup Tippet with a dollop of rich coconut sauce.Che troi Nuoc/Banh chay is popular dessert during lunar new year(Tet) in the Vietnam.It is simple dish and not involve any complex step to make it.
Vietnamese desserts that’s fun and easy to make.In the lunar new year festival in Vietnam,desserts are more important to serve on the dish at the end of eating.It is reserved last.But always remember that best is always reserved for the last.It is perfect to serve in winter during lunar new year.This dessert is common dish in southern and central Vietnam.

Sticky rice ball with ginger soup

Glutinous rice balls

Glutinous rice balls with Ginger syrup

(5)Banh Troi(Small Glutinous rice balls with ginger syrup)

In the Northern Vietnam another dessert is made up from glutinous rice flour but just feeling of small cue of sugar.This dish is known as Banh Troi in Northern Vietnam.It is much smaller in size as compared to Banh Chay dish and served separately without letting chase you up.Small sugar is add in the centre of the dough and form into the small purse.It served always with sprinkling some sesame seed over it.

Small Glutinous rice balls (Banh Troi)

(6)Che Ba Ba (Sweet Potato,taro and the cassava soup)

It is dessert which always served in bowl during Tet Lunar new year in Vietnam.Che means sweet soup.It is coconut milk and mung bean soup base with the cube of cassava sweet potatoes and sometimes taro.You can follow in many jet vendor in the southern Vietnam.This dish is warm dish and best dish for the winter during Tet festival.It is normally served in bowl and according requirement you can add extra coconut milk.This dish is typically eaten warm.It is also eaten cold.It is contrast of textures and types of different ingredients that make the dessert so interesting to try and It's also fun to search for your favourite ingredients in the bowl,it must be cassava soup.

Che Ba Ba (Sweet Potato,taro and cassava soup)

(7)Che Bap(Vietnamese Corn Pudding)

It is simple dessert and easy to make it.This dessert is not only prefer in the Tet but also in all seasons,Glutinous corn on cube,water,sugar,tapioca,vanilla sugar,vanilla soup,coconut sauce are the basic ingredients of the Che Bap dish.Glutinous corn on cube is popular in Vietnam but not easy to find in the western countries.You can enjoy this dish in Tet festival and chilled when summer.

Che Bap (Vietnamese Corn Pudding Dessert)

(8)XiMa Black (Sea-some Soup)

This is hot and sweet sesame soup dessert.It has a thick and smooth texture.It is main dessert during spring Tet Festival time in Vietnam.Raw black sesame seeds,short grain rice,water,salt and sugar are the basic ingredients of the Black sesame soup.Black sesame porridge is a filling dessert you get full very fast soup.It is so hot and sweet.It is also most commonly found in China,Korea,Vietnam.

XiMa ( Black sesame soup)

(9)Che Chuoi (Banana with coconut milk and tapioca  pearls dessert)

It is banana with coconut milk and tapioca pearl dessert.Coconut milk,sugar,small tapioca pearls,ripe banana and crushed peanuts and sesame, frozen Asia bananas ( small sweet dwarf bananas)are the basic ingredients of che chuoi.It is most popular dessert you found in street during Tet Festivals

Che Chuoi (Banana with Coconut milk and tapioca pearl)

Vietnamese Che Chuoi Sweet Dessert

Delicious Che Chuoi Dessert

(10)Che Thoi ( Cocktail Dessert)

It is Vietnamese dessert.It is simple one to make and it's taste is very delicious.It is cocktail dessert.Jackfruit,longon,coconut jelly,coconut milk,fruity,sugar are the main ingredients of Che Tho Dessert.People love to eat this dessert daily including Tet Festival.

Cocktail Dessert

(11)Banh Da Lon Xanh La Dura (Vietnamese Steamed layer cake)

It is Vietnamese steam layered cake.It is consist of the green and yellow layer.Pandan leaves,Glutinous rice gives the green layer.Split mung beans,tapioca starch,glutinous rice gives you yellow layer in the dish.It smells wonderful.It is gelatinous  alternative layer of the Beans and leaves.It is beautiful and delicious dish.Pandan leaves gives wonderful smell to the dish.

(12)Rainbow Jelly(Thach Rau Chau)

It is Vietnamese Multi layer jelly.Each layer is not only different color but you feel different unique test for each layer.This dessert is fun to eat and also fun to make in Tet Festivals.You can bring and make test to your mouth in Tet festival by eating this delicious dessert during Tet festivals.Coffee layer,coconut layer,pandon layer are the layers of the Rainbow jelly.This jelly has very nice crunchy texture quite different from the texture of western countries.

(13)Banh Khoi Mi Nuong (Cassava Cake)

It is in diamond shape.It is delicious dessert in the Vietnam.It is just right amount of sweet taste and chewy texture.Vietnamese prefer this dessert not only Tet festival but also in all time period.
Frozen grated cassava,cup mashed mung bean,tapioca starch,Coconut milk,vanilla extract and Vegetable oil are the main ingredients of the Cassava cake.batter and tapping are the two main steps for making the cassava cake.cassava cake is served as desserts as well as snack. 

(14)Banh Tam (Silver-worm cake/Steamed Cassava Cake)

This dessert look very crazy.It gets name because it looks like worm but don’t worry they are made up from the cassava,coconut flacks,tapioca starch,These are really fun to eat and looks very strange.You can store over a long tone in the fridge.

Below are given some list of additional Vietnamese dessert which less used in Tet festival but preferred in summer to refresh mood-

(15)Che Xoi Bot Bang (Mango Sago)

It is the traditional and delightful Asia dessert.The dessert is called Mango Sago which originates from Hong Kong.It is sweet,tangy and creamy really summer treat.It is best dessert fro serving crowd.

(16)Nab Vam (Tri Colour Dessert)

It is also good dessert.It is used rarely in Tet festivals,but sometime it is also found during Tet Festivals.Tapioca pearl,coconut cream powder,mung bean,starch,Tapioca starch,water chest nuts,flour ,coconut milk are the basic ingredients of the Tri colour Dessert.

(17)Banh Xaoi hap (Mango dessert) 

Diced ripped mango.tapioca starch,sugar,salt,coconut sauce are the basic ingredients of the Mango soup(Banh Xoai hap).This Is luminous jewel dessert.It is so tangy and tasty Chewy texture with the burst of tropic in every bite .This dish is radiant translucent tropical treat to everyone in specially summer season.It is less found during Tet Festival,but some people who love mangoes  prefer mango soup even in spring Tet festival.It should always serve with some roasted sesame seeds and with coconut sauce to get delicious test.It is so yummy.

(18)Three colour dessert (Che Bau Mau)

It is stunning looking three colour dessert(Che ba Mau) in Vietnamese.It is super eye catching and refreshing summer dessert that you can find in Vietnam all over the places.It consist layer of the three colours.This dish is mostly preferred in summer.But some people who love this dessert so much,they eat even in spring Tet festival.

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