Vietnamese lunar new year Decorations (Tet Festival Decorations)

Decoration is important aspect of any festival in World.Decoration represents the traditional culture of the festival.Tet is biggest festival in Vietnamese culture.Cleaning and decoration are the main custom of the Tet festival which is followed by Vietnamese.In Hanoi's old quarter city street,you will get all decoration stuffs for the Tet festival.It is biggest market for decoration in Vietnam.Crowd of Vietnamese goes crazy before lunar new year in this market to buy various decoration stuff.During Tet Festival,each house in the Vietnam well decorated.
Even the streets and all places in the Vietnam well decorated during Tet festival.
Vietnamese people love to maintain traditional culture.following are the list of decoration stuffs in Tet Festival that you will love-

Traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year Decorations
Tet Decoration in Vietnam

Lunar New Year Decorations in Vietnam (Tet Decorations)


Lantern is must for Tet Festival decorations.Red lanterns are most popular lanterns in not only Vietnam but also in many Asian countries.Most Asian countries the luckiest color is red among all the colors and this reflected in the traditional decoration.400 years ago Chinese people brought lanterns in Vietnam.At first they were all made from the wood and silk.They are expensive.100 years later,local people in hoi an come up with the their own way of making lanterns.They used bamboo  and more flexible material as compared to Chinese lanterns.Vietnamese lanterns are cheap in prize and affordable.Garlic shape of lantern is easy to make.Most common shape you find in lanterns are cupcake shape.Bamboo sticks are used in Vietnamese traditional lanterns.Different shape of the lanterns have different name is given by Vietnamese such as sunset,sunrise,UFO,sphere,pancakes.The silver used in traditional Lanterns.Check out below collections of Lantern during Tet Festival-

lunar new year decorations
Tet Festival Lanterns

Lantern celebration For Lunar New Year
Lunar New year Lanterns Images

Garlic shape lanterns for Tet Festival (Lunar New Year Celebration)
Garlic Shape Of Lantern

Tet Festival traditional decorations lantern
Vietnamese Traditional Lantern

Lanterns decoration in Hoi An city
Hoi An City Decoration

Lunar New Year Decoration
Red Lantern

Lunar new year decoration using lanterns in market
Collection Of Lanterns

Tet Festival(Lunar new year) Decorations
Red Lantern-Decoration

(2)Tet tree-

Tet tree must have in every home and business during Tet Festival in the Vietnam.Tet tree is the Vietnamese version of Christmas tree.Different ornaments are hung from their branches to make it more attractive.The flower of Tet trees will blooms by lunar new year's day.Below are Two types of Tet trees found in the Vietnam

Tet Tree
Tet Tree 

South Vietnam(Yellow blossoms)

In the southern Vietnam ,Vietnamese people prefer yellow blossom Tet trees.Yellow color is preferred in southern Vietnam.Yellow flowers  bloom's by new year's day.

Lunar new year (Tet Festival) Tet tree
Yellow Blossom Tet Tree

Middle and Northern Vietnam(Pink Blossoms)

In the middle and northern Vietnam ,Vietnamese people prefer Pink blossom Tet trees.Pink color is preferred in Middle and Northern Vietnam.Pink flowers bloom's by new year's day.

Tet Trees during lunar new year in Vietnam
Pink blossom Tet Tree

(3)Money tree-

Instead of the ornaments you can hung red envelops over the branches of trees to make money tree.
Lixi(Money) represents the good luck fortune during lunar new year.Lucky money is in the red envelops which is known as LiXi in the Vietnamese.

Money Tree

Lucky Money
Red Envelop-Money Tree

lunar new year red envelops
Red Envelop

(4) Ornaments

Many small ornaments  such as cards,fire cracker ornaments, small lion ornaments etc you can buy from Hanoi's old street famous market in Vietnam before  the start of lunar new year.You can hung the ornaments anywhere in the house.Ornaments are mostly used to decorate the Tet trees.Ornaments gives the attractive look to the Tet trees.

Fire Cracker Ornaments-

Fire crackers ornament easily hung on the walls of house for the decoration purpose  during Tet festival in Vietnam.Fire cracker ornaments represents the scaring away evil spirits and the smoke from fire cracker will create the good cheese.Fire cracker ornaments is common to see in each one house during Tet festival In Vietnam

Lunar New Year Decoration Stuff
Fire Cracker Ornaments

Lion ornaments and Puppet Lions-

Puppet lion is also easy to hang on the walls of house or even anywhere in the house.Lion dance is famous festivities in Tet festival.Lion dance is to scare the evils and bring the good it is commonly see in each one house during Tet Festival to bring luck for the family.
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Tet Festival lion Ornaments
Lion ornament

Tet Festival Lion Ornaments Decorations
Puppy Lion Ornaments

Lunar New Year Lion Puppy Ornaments
Puppy Lion

Tet Festival Decoration Stuffs
Lion Ornament Decoration

Many other more small ornaments are used during Tet festival to decorate house,city street in Vietnam.
Vietnamese people are enthusiastic.Below are given collection of decoration stuffs which used during Tet Festival-

Tet Festival Decoration
Collection Of  Decoration Stuff

Tet Lunar New Year Wishes
Decoration Stuff in Market

Tet Lunar New Year Wishes
Lunar New Year Wishes

Lunar New Year  Flower Scroll Hanging Decorations
Flower Scroll Decoration

Decorations for Lunar New Year
Tet Decoration Stuff

Tet Festival Decorations
Tet Festival Decoration

(5)Kumquat trees-

Hanoi's street are even busier than usual as the lunar new year approches.Kumquat trees are the hot commodity.They are the traditional symbol of the Prosperity and fruits are used to make seasonal delicacy.Kamquat trees branches are also used many time for the decorations purpose in Vietnam.The branches of the Vietnam looks very Glossy.
Therefore,Kamquat trees are useful for decoration.

Kamquat tree for Lunar New Year
Kamquat Tree

Kamquat tress for Lunar New Year Decorations
Kamquat trees for Decoration


Flower has given importance for decorations in Vietnamese culture.As you see whole city is decorated by fresh flowers during the lunar new year in Vietnam.variety of fresh flowers are used during Tet Festival.Flowers are the one who makes the environment fresh.Flowers are must use for decorations during Tet festival in Vietnam.Flowers blooms by the new year's day as spring festival arrives.Orchid flower is most commonly used flower during the Tet festivals.Many of the fake flowers are also available in market during lunar new year time for the decoration Purpose.Flower festival is also arranged in the Vietnam during Tet festival.Potted plants are also used for decorations in Tet Festival.

Tet Festival Decorations
Saigon City Decoration

Flower decoration of lunar new year
Saigon City Tet Decoration

Lunar New Year Flower Images
Flower For Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Decoration For Orchid Flower
Orchid Flower

Lunar New Year Decorations
Flower market

Potted Plants for Lunar New Year
Potted Plants

(7)Paper fortune Cookies-

In Vietnamese culture,when it's your Zodiac year considered as bad luck.At that condition,Many Vietnamese decorate their house with the paper fortune cookies to bring good luck.Paper fortune cookies are super cute and they are used for decorations in the Tet festival.paper fortune cookies are also used for the decorations of birthday parties,
Valentine day celebrations and such as many more.

Tet Festival decoration stuff
Paper Fortune Cookies

Tet Festival Decoration In the Vietnam
Tet Festival Decoration Stuff

Decoration for Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year Decoration

Lunar New Year fortune cookies
Paper cookie Decoration


Stickers are used to decorate  the walls of house during Tet Festival in Vietnam.In each year,lunar new year is dedicated to one specific animal which is known as Year Of Animal.According to that, stickers of animal is available in decoration market.
Walls of each houses in Vietnam decorated with the stickers of animal during Tet festivals.
stickers of moneyguy,T.V.Characters holding lanterns,Chi bi characters are used to decorate the walls of the house.Flower scrolls are also used to decorate the house during Tet Festival in the Vietnam.

Money Guy Sticker for the decorations during lunar new year in the Vietnam
Money-Guy Sticker

Lunar New Year Decoration
Lunar New Year Decoration

Lunar New year (Tet Festival ) stickers  decorations

Tet Festival Decoration Stciker
Sticker for Tet

Lunar New Year Decorations
Decoration Market Scene

(9) Candles and Antique stuffs

Wide Varieties  candles are available in market during lunar new year in Vietnam.Candles are mostly you see in front of god statue in temples of Vietnam.
Candles are also used for decoration purpose.Lot of antique stuff is also you see while hanging on the market during lunar new year festival in Vietnam.
Many of the Vietnamese decorate their house by placing Antique stuff in home.Below are given some of the photos of antique stuffs and  candles that are useful for decoration during Tet Festival in Vietnam-

Luanar New Year Candles
Candles Decoration

Tet Festival pray to Gods
Praying to God

Lunar New Year Decorations
Antique Decoration Stuff

Antique stuff for lunar new year celebration
Tet Festival Decoration statue

Tet Festival Decoration
Tet Festival Decoration stuff

Stuffs for Lunar New Year
Tet Decoration Antique Stuff

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