Vietnamese lunar new year Costumes (Tet Festival Costumes)

Tet is one of the biggest festival in Vietnam.Buying new clothes is important custom of Tet Festival.Traditional Clothes has given importance during Tet festival in Vietnam.Vietnamese Ao Dai Cloth is famous in all over the world.Traditional Costumes always symbolizes the culture of nation.
Vietnamese Ao Dai,Vietnamese Non La are two main traditional costume in Vietnam.Below are given list wise informational of Vietnamese traditional costumes-

Vietnamese Traditional Costumes that Symbolizes Culture

Vietnamese Costumes
Vietnamese Traditional  Costumes

Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai

Most of the World recognizes the Ao Dai is as the national symbol of Vietnam.Not everyone know that to be such as iconic symbol at the moment,Ao Dai has been significant Evolution from where it begin.Ao Dai is main traditional cloth of the Vietnam that wore by Vietnamese on many occasions including Tet Festival (Spring festival in Vietnam during Lunar New Year).Vietnamese Ao Dai is the dress that everyone, including men can customize to fit their own taste and figure.Ao Dai is treasured element of Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese Traditional Costume
Vietnamese Clothes-sketch Photos

Let's first discuss about why the Ao Doi is perfect fusion?

Ao Dai is the perfect fusion of the western and eastern culture.To be honest,no one is sure when the Vietnamese Ao Dai is first sprouted its roots.But there is historical reference for us to make our own conclusions.
Theory 1
Some experts say that first sign of the Ao Dai was found on the antique bronze drums for the Dong Son Culture,before the chinese influence.
Theory 2 
Other experts believe that,it afters 40 AD introduced by Trung sisters.These two heroines ted a revolution against the Chinese Han Dynasty and marked Vietnamese national Independence day.

What was the exact time Ao Dai was First time introduced

Evidence and research shows that Ao Dai wasn't until 1744,but later Ao Da is began to make a lasting impression on a society.At that time Vietnam is dividing into the two regions North and south Vietnam.
Northern lords of Hanoi forced their subject to wear garments called "Ao Giao Linh".
This is Reminiscent of Chinese robes by Han People Including Front button gown and skirt.
While the Southern Regions of Vietnam demanded to wear gown and trousers.Later tan southern people shortened the gown to wear with the trousers which is called "Ao Ba Ba".

Differentiate between two distinct social classes in history

The garb was mostly wear by upper social class was known as Ao Ngu Than.
It is five panel gown consisting of four outer panels,toe in the front sewn into the one pieces and two in the back.Adding an extra collar with hidden baby flap.
Also fist time the dress had two sites on each hip,which latter becomes the stand features of Ao Dai that remains today.
On the other hand lower working class were new,more tidy,functional design called as the Aa thu than gown.Aa thu than is another version of Aa Ngu Than.

Details Of Ao Dai clothes design and Changes in design with time

Front Panel of dress connected by buttons lined from collars to the armpit and connected down to site of hip with this invention dress shows less wrinkles,lying flat on the female body while still comfortable movement.

Design Of Ao Dai in 19th Century
In the 1970 ,country witnesses the country's reform period.Doi Moi,hippi pattern clothes with lighter materials,vivid colours,pattern of plant flowers and geometric shape.In late 19 the the some western
influences occurs  to Ao Dai

Vietnamese Printed Pattern AoiDai Clothes in Tet Festival
Printed Pattern Modern Ao Dai Clothes

Design of Ao Dai in 20th Century by Le More Designer
In 20th Aa Doi loose first collars which allowed the women to show off any neck-less might wear.
In 20th century,designer Le Mor raised the shoulders,extended dress to reach floor length,changed to brighter color scheme and added some western details like puff sleeves,heart shaped collar and bow.He made appealing to sexy,flattering and sensual.
This design got a popularity over the next four years.But still claimed that design was too sexy and not appropriate to Vietnamese culture

Design of Ao Dai in 20th century by Le Pho Designer
Le pho designer made some improvement over the design of Le Mor to make it more traditional and appropriate to the Vietnamese Culture.He cut out the puffy sleeves and replaced with the details of the Ao Tu Then and Au Ngu then with two flaps tied to body and closed at the neck.This design is accepted by many people.In 20th century although is is being worn less on daily basis nut still Ao Dai remains is national symbol of the grace,beauty and culture pride.Recently Ao Dai with silhouettes and here exclusive use of silk brocade.

Vietnamese School/College Uniform
Vietnamese White Color Ao Dai

Vietnamese Costume
Vietnamese Ao Dai Modern Outfit

Tet Festival Costumes
Vietnamese Costume-Ao Dai

Vietnamese New Year Costume
Vietnamese Men Costume

Tet Festival Vietnamese Traditional Costume
Vietnamese Ao Dai Costume in Tet Fest

Tet Festival Costume
Ao Dai (Vietnamese Traditional Costume)

(2)Vietnamese Non La (Conical Hat)

Non La is conical hat.Conical hat is seen to wear by many Vietnamese people during the morning walk.As the Vietnam is the tropical country so this type of the traditional hat is developed by the Vietnamese to protect from rains and sunstroke.This type of hat which helps farmers during their work.Vietnamese People from all the ages love to wear this type of hat.Vietnamese always love to maintain their traditional culture.and traditional hats of Vietnam are the best evidence of Rich culture.Despite all ups and down in life hats preserve their role in daily life of Vietnamese people and fight against invaders.Hat values remains unchanged in poem,songs,folk verse and hats are close companion for the Vietnamese.In all journey people make conical leaf across the Vietnam

Vietnamese Non La (Conical Hat in Vietnam)
Non La (Vietnamese Conical Hat)

Connection Between Vietnamese and Non La Hat

Conical leaf hats have been attached to physical and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people.Conical leaf hats protect the Vietnamese people against the sunstroke and rain while they work in the fields.Conical hat gradually become a part in the mind of the Vietnamese people and are used by all walks of life.Although time goes by images of hats attached to industrious mother and created typical features of Vietnamese market.
In particular conical hats are tied to the life of the Vietnamese people.When wearing hats,they look more charming and elegant.Vietnam tropical Monsoon climate,the country has so much rainfall and sunlight.Vietnamese people begins to making hats from leaves to protect themselves from sun and rain along the time ago.

History of Vietnamese Non La (Conical Hat)

Images of the hats was curved on the Ngoc Lu bronze drum or Dao Think bronze jar dated back to the 2500-3000 years ago.
Pham Tran Canh have made conical leave with fringe and restored the ancient hats over the past 20 years.Making his Hat crafts contribute the Vietnamese culture and soul of the village.Conical hat leaves remains part of Vietnamese land.

Vietnamese Conical Hat (Non La)
Conical Hat

Design Variation in Vietnamese Non La Hat 

Shape of the conical hat changed over the time.In past people wore such kind of hats as a soldier hats.Flat palm hats with fringe and so on as time passes,today time they make conical hats in chuong villages
In addition to that Vietnam has many ethic groups.Different features of hat make up the diversity of Vietnamese hats.That's why each hat his own significance.Their products have their own features due to different geographic conditions and customs of locality.

Vietnamese Chuong Village Hats
Conical hats in northern people are firm and durable while those of Hue people expresses the elegance's of women and conical hat in the southern.Craft villagers are those are man who make the conical leaves from these craft of villages.Conical lift carries the mission becoming culture of locality.Good hats are the main products of the chuong village.Conical hats are important because most of the Northern people earn their living by forming.Conical hats protect them from rain and sunstroke when they work on the field.
Normal conical hats have 20 conical circles those made in choung villages have 16 ones
when these rings  are completely arranged into the frame and then covered with leaves.In a particular  a layer of bamboo sheath is inserted between two layers of leaves.thus they are the heavier than hats in other locations
Together with covering hat frames with leaves,sewing these leaves.This many steps requires the adroitness.Hat makers in Vietnam specially Choung Village are so skill full.That they can hide all thread ends leaving hat with perfect look.Colourful threats are also used to decorate hat and create places to ties staps which is often a strip of silk.

Vietnamese Poem type Hats
Unlike conical hats in Choung Village poem hats are thinner and more elegant
Arranging layer of leaves,making 16 moon shaped rings.are step to make it.Poem hats are considered typical products of hat making craft.These hat are standout thinness and lightness and elaborating cut shapes between layers of leaves.poem hats often wear by women or girl when they go to the pagodas.Together with other pieces of clothes like Ao Dai blouse and silk belt conical leaves hats are considered as  traditional costumes of Vietnamese Women and best beautiful head gear.Conical hats make women more elegant and charming.These hats even become items for young people to exchange love.

Conical leaf hats aren't used frequently in daily life but they seen to carry emotional values.Conical hats are typical features of Vietnamese Culture.Created by preceding generations conical leaf hats carry the soul of Vietnamese nation.Overtime they may be used   less frequently but their role remains unchanged in the Vietnamese life.

Conical Hat Of Vietnam
Vietnamese Conical Hat

Vietnamese Hmong tribes traditional Costumes

There are total 54 ethnic group and style of clothing for each group is unique and special.
Hmong is the traditional tribe of the Vietnam of Hmong people in sapo-Mu-Cung-Chai.
Clothes are made up from Hemp Fibre.Hemp fibre spun together to produce continuous threads.These thread helps to build the layer of clothes.
Following are the small steps are to make the traditional Hmong clothes.These clothes are also wear by Hmong people during Tet festival time.Hmong people wears the traditional clothing involving bright color woven textiles in all occasions including Tet festival.

Vietnamese Hmong Tribe Traditional Clothes
Hmong Traditional Clothes

Hmong Tribe Costume in Vietnam
Hmong Tribe Men's Traditional Costumes

Hmong Clothes in Tet Festival/Special occasions
Hmong Traditional Costumes

Vietnamese Hmong Costume
Hmong Costume

Vietnamese Aa Doi Menh Phu

It is most traditional royal version costume of the Vietnam.Aa Doi Menh Phu is additional coat over the normal Ao Dai.It has longer sleeves and often additional slites in the front part.
Ao dai menh is often worn in weddings and in Tet festival time.

Vietnamese Costume
Vietnamese Royal Costumes-Ao Dai Menh Phu

Vietnamese Traditional Special  Costume
Vietnamese Costumes

Vietnamese Royal Costumes
Vietnamese Costumes Image

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