Types Of Calendar Used In World and Concept behind the Lunisolar Calendar

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In the Quran,The most famous Popular statement Related to the Calendar(Day & Month Structure) is as follows-

The Number of months,with
God,is twelve in the book of god
the day that he created the heaven
 and the earth 

Three Main Calendars Used In World

The Great majority of civilisations develops an different types of calendar based on 12 month.
1 Month=Approximately equal to time taken by moon to complete its one full revolution of orbit around the earth
1 Year=Approximately equal to time taken by earth to complete its full one revolution of Orbit around the Sun.
1(Synodic)month-29-30 Days
1 year-365 Days

Different civilisations construct an two main types of calendars,some chooses relies on sun based  solar calendar and another someone chooses moon based Lunar calendar.Due to that the two main types of calendars are developed in world-
(1)Solar Calendar(Sun based Calendar)
(2)Lunar Calendar(moon based Calendar)

Solar Calendar-

Some Chooses to relies on sun and develops an Solar Calendar.In the solar calendar,they counted for the 11 missing days by adding 1 days to the each eleven of month.Due to that months end in solar calendar are of 30-31 days instead of 29-30 days.
Main Formula concept-
1 Year = 12 Months + 11 days.
1 Year= (354+11) Days.
1 Year=365 Days.

Advantages of solar calendar

(1) Solar calendar keep follows season-wise data.So solar calendar gives you best information about the seasonal & weather conditions.
(2) Solar calendar is world-widely used for the official work of any countries,so solar calendar is flexible to use.
(3) Solar calendar follows earth and sun phases which are relative to each other,that help us to keep an track of summer,winter and rainy weather conditions.

Disadvantages Of Solar Calendar

(1) Solar calendar does not follow moon phases.
(2)Solar calendar is not useful for keep tracking of an Local festivals celebrated in many Asian parts. 
(3)Most Popular Lunar New year Celebration is not celebrated according to Solar calendar.

Lunar Calendar

someone chooses to relies on moon and develops an lunar calendar. Lunar calendar does not consist of 11 days which are considered in solar calendar. Therefore,lunar calendar consist of 354 days instead of 365 days.
Main Formula Concept- 
1 Year= 12 Months.
1 Year= 354 Days.

Advantages Of Lunar Calendar

(1) Lunar calendar follows an complete moon phases.
(2)Many of the local festivals in Asia is celebrated by using lunar calendar.
(3) Lunar calendar is helpful for complete Study of  various moon phases.

Disadvantages Of Lunar Calendar

(1)Main disadvantage of lunar calendar is not useful for Identifying an Weather conditions.
(2)Lunar calendar does not keep the track of seasonal conditions.

Comparison Chart of solar and lunar calendar

  • Solar calendar follows Weather condition where lunar calendar not follows weather conditions
  • Lunar  calendar follows moon phase where solar calendar not follows moon phases.

As above we studied the lunar and solar calendar.Third type of calendar is combination of solar and lunar calendar.Name of the Third type of Calendar is Lunisolar calendar.

Lunisolar calendar

Lunisolar is combination of solar and lunar calendar. Lunisolar calendar consist of Regular year and Leap Year.
Regular year consist of 12 months.
Leap year consist of 12 Months + 1 Leap Month

First Year Lunisolar calendar -11 Days short.
Second year Lunisolar calendar -22 Days Short.
Little before the Third Year calendar- 30 days are missing.To accumulate these 30 missing days the leap month of 30 days is added in the third leap year.

As leap year consist of 13 months,It seems to be contradictory?
Explanation of above question is as follows -
It Doesn't mean that leap year has 13 months and extra one month.It is just compensation of earlier missing 30 days.So please keep that mind,it is very important concept which is given  above related to Lunisolar calendar.

Most of nations follows an lunisolar calendar for their local festival celebrations.But they do not mentions the name of added leap month in leap year.China mostly follows an  lunisolar calendar for their spring festival celebrations.In Chinese and many of Asian parts,leap month which is added in leap year takes a same name as preceding month.Lunar new year Celebration Of many Asian parts is depends upon the Lunisolar calendar.

 Below are the amazing things are given-

 Quran is an wise book and It consist of an  many mysterious things.The world month is mention in  quran 12 times.What a coincident the year consist of 12 months.The world day is mention in  quran 365 times.What a amazing thing that the year consist of 365 days.

 Lunisolar calendar is based on apparent meta sonic cycles.It repeats in 19 year cycles.It consist of 12 regular year and 7 leap year.When we follows the lunisolar calendar,the 12 regular years always comes in groups and 7 leap years always comes individually.

In the Quaran,Regular year world mention in 12 times in plural form and Leap year world mention in  7 times in singular form.This is the amazing thing that we are decoding today.

So The above concept is very important before understanding traditional culture of the lunar new year celebrations in many Asian and Non-Asian parts.

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