Tet- Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar new year is the Worldwide International Celebration.Lunar new year is celebrated by many Asian countries.The Vietnam is one of the them.Lunar new year celebration is biggest festival in Vietnam.Now lets discuss in details about the lunar new year celebration in Vietnam and how lunar new year celebrated in Vietnam.

Tet-Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration
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Tet-Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year In Vietnam
Lunar New Year In Vietnam

What is the Tet-Holiday?

"New year" is pronounced as "Nam Moi" in Vietnam country.In all over the world lunar new year celebration in Vietnam known as 'Tet'festival.
Simply,Tet is name given by the Vietnamese people to lunar new year celebration in Vietnam.Tet is short form of Tet Nguyen Dan,which is Sino-Vietnamese for"Feast of the First Morning Of Day". Tet is most important celebration in Vietnamese culture.It is celebrated based on Vietnamese calendar which actually derived from Chinese calendar.Tet festival celebrates the arrival of spring.It is usually occurs between late January and early

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Start Dates for the Tet Festival(Vietnamese Lunar New Year)-

In 2018,Tet Festival starts on 16 February.In the year 2019,Tet Festival starts on 5 February.In the Year 2020,Tet Festival starts on 25 January.In 2021,Tet festival starts on 12 February.2021 is the year of White Buffalo in Vietnamese Culture.
Date for Tet festival is not Fix because it depends upon the Lunisolar calendar i.e. The phases of moon and suns.But It is always comes in January month or February month according to Gregorian calendar.

Is Tet-Vietnamese new year is celebrated on same day as Chinese new year?

Tet is generally celebrated on same day as Chinese new year except When there is an one-hour local time difference between Vietnam and China results in new moon occurring in different days This is simple and small explanation.

How Lunar new year celebrated by Vietnamese in Vietnam Country?

Everyone knows that the lunar new year starts in month of January or February.But In the Vietnam country preparations of lunar new year celebration started from the December end week.Tet-Lunar new year celebration is biggest festival in Vietnam.So Vietnamese people starts making preparation from  end of December week at the time of Christmas.So remember that, Actually Lunar new year celebration in Vietnam started from the December end week involving preparation for Lunar new year. THANG CHAP is the month before the first month of next lunar year.In this month.preparation for the lunar new year celebration started in VietnamCountry.

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Why do  Vietnamese People starts Early?

In every Vietnamese House,there are three kitchens of gods which includes 2 female Kitchen god and 1 male kitchen god combines family of kitchen god."DUA ONG TAO VE TROI"-This isVietnamese 
term.It means that kitchen gods are go to the heaven in that month.3 gods of kitchen knows everything happening in house even good or bad.In THANG CHAP month ,they collect all the report in current  year from house and goes to heaven.So it is important that house should be clean before they enter into the house again for next year.So for cleaning purpose Vietnamese people start preparation early.Cleaning of house is very important ritual in Vietnamese lunar new year celebration.

Vietnamese Lovely People
Vietnamese People Celebration For Tet

Customs and traditions followed by Vietnamese people for lunar new year-

Vietnamese new year is starts on the first day of Vietnamese Calendar.Vietnamese prepare for the Tet by cooking special holiday food and cleaning house.These food includes a Banh chung,Banh Tet,
soup and sticky rice.Many customs are followed by Vietnamese people such as decorating house,
painting house,preparation of greeting cards, visiting a person's house on the first day of  new year,wishing new year greeting card,giving an lucky money to children and elderly people,starting a new shop.
Many celebrations followed by Vietnamese people for lunar new year  which includes Lion Dance,Dragon dance,family gathering,family meal,visiting friend's house on the first day of new year,visiting relatives and friends,giving an red envelops to friends and relatives,giving lucky money to children and elderly people and starting a new shop.
                     So final conclusion is that,Tet-Vietnamese Lunar New year celebration is observed by Vietnamese people.significance of lunar new year is marks the first day of lunar new year.It's
frequency changes annually and it totally depend upon movement of moon and movement of sun(moon and sun phases).It is related to Chinese new year,Korean new year,Japanese new year,Mongolian new year and Tibetan new year.

This article gives an overview about the Tet-Vietnamese lunar new year celebration,In upcoming article we are covering  an each aspect of Tet-Vietnamese lunar new year celebration in  detail and analysis point of view.so stay tune for update  and check more article in Vietnamese Lunar New Year category given in side bar.
Tet-Lunar new year 2020 Preparation
Starting Preparation for Lunar new year in Vietnam

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