Real Truth Between Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year that you should know.

As Most of people always make a confusion between Lunar new year and Chinese new Year.Even when we search on the google about lunar new year,The first top five searches comes related to Chinese new year.So many people other than Asian countries get confused between Lunar and Chinese new year.So below we are covering all the doubts related to Chinese new year and Lunar new year in Question and answer format.

Chinese new year and lunar new year

Is Chinese new year is sames as lunar new year?

Chinese new year and lunar new year both are  closely related to each other.But we can't say that,Chinese new year is same as lunar new year.Chinese new year shows the start of new lunar year.Lunar new year is also celebrated in Korea,Vietnam, Mongolia and Tibet such as many Asian countries with small traditional difference with respect to Chinese new it is not convenient to say that Chinese new year is only Lunar new year.Lunar new year is broad term,Chinese new year is start of lunar year celebrations.Lunar new year celebration is followed by many Asian countries.Even Lunar new year is also celebrated in the many of  north america cities includes Los angels,new York city,Boston,Welling ton,Toronto.

Why the Chinese new year is called lunar new year?

Lunar new year celebration is based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar.Many of the neighbouring Countries of china derived their own calendar from Chinese calendar.Chinese zodiac is also important for lunar new year celebration.Chinese new year marks the start of lunar new year celebration.Popularity of Chinese new year is wide all over the World.Lunar new year celebration in china is biggest festival of 15 days.Due to its popularity in all over the world,Chinese new year is also known as Lunar new year.

Difference between Chinese new year and lunar new year?

There is no large difference at all.But there is difference in day of celebration of lunar new year by some Asian countries as compared to china.Chinese new year is based on Chinese calendar.Chinese calendar is lunisolar calendar,it is not pure lunar calendar.Calendar of Korea and Vietnam is derived from Chinese calendar so lunar new year of these countries comes at a same day with little bit local time difference.Tibetan and Mongolia calendar was not followed by Chinese calendar.So lunar new year of these two country comes anywhere in middle of February instead of late January like China,Vietnam and Korea.

Is term 'Chinese new year'is offensive to other Non-Chinese Asians who celebrate the 'Lunar new year'

Usually,but not always.It is hypothetical question.It is totally depends upon the condition.Most of the people not get offend.People might make mistake,because Chinese new year is more publicised as compared to other countries lunar new year.
Sometimes it bit offensive when organisations who are aware of it  being celebrated by other Asian countries Chinese New Year intentionally to please the Chinese.For example-City of Sydney council in Australia decided to put "Chinese new year" flags around the city even though council aware about that there were petitions to change this to "Lunar New Year".

Chinese new year vs lunar new year

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