Lunar New Year's Celebration in the World

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is the starting of a calendar year whose months are based on cycles of moon.Relevant calendar used for lunar new year celebration in various countries in the world may be a purely Lunar calendar or a Lunisolar calendar.

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Everything that you need to know about lunar new year

New year means new start,new resolution and a fresh clean up from all your mishaps from the year.Before its new beginning that everyone needs and in some culture is the most important holiday of the year.Lunar new year is quite different from new year on Gregorian calendar and it happens on different date every year since it follows the moon cycle.
Lunar new year is celebrated in all over the world,but prominently in China,Vietnam,Korea,Mongolia and Tibet country.It is also celebrated in many western cities such as New York,London,Boston and many more.From many years,lunar new year is considered as the worldwide international celebration.Lunar new year is one of the longest running festival in all over the world.
Lunar New Year in China known as Spring Festival,in Vietnam known as Tet Festival,in Korea known as Seollal Festival,in Mongolia known as Tsagaan Festival and in Tibet known as Losar.
According to Gregorian calendar,lunar new year is always falls in January and February month.Lunar new year celebration in most of Asian and South-East Asian countries is based on traditional chinese lunisolar calendar.Following are the list of Main countries who celebrated the Lunar New Year-
(1)China(Chinese new year)
(2)Korea(Korean new year)
(3)Mongolia(Mongolian new year)
(4)Vietnam(Vietnamese new year)
(5)Tibet(Tibetan new year)

Why japan is not mentioned in above main list?

Because,now a days Japanese not recognise the lunar new year as a big festival or holiday.Japanese people now following the completely Gregorian calendar(Solar Calendar).Japanese new year is now celebrated on first day of January on each year.
But Ancient times,Japanese also celebrate the lunar new year as a big festival and complete holiday package.Now,Japanese people celebrate lunar new year as Little New Year.The Little new year is  known as Koshogatu in Japanese.

Lunar New Year Red  Lantern

What People thinks about the lunar new year day?

Lunar new year celebration gives a chance to traditional culture.It is time of celebrations where all relatives in family comes together and spend happy time.It is completely holiday package.It is the new start of a year and prosperous time.It is considered as lucky time.People are more energetic during lunar new year festival period.All the people thinks in positive way about lunar new year celebration.

Lunar New Year

Confusion between Lunar new year and Chinese new year-

Lunar new year is also known as Chinese new year.But It is not convenient to say that, the Chinese new year is only lunar new year.
Even though different Asian countries celebrate the same lunar new year,their traditions are quite different.Lunar new year is known by different name in various countries.Only one thing is that,The Chinese new year is start of lunar new year celebration.Popularity of Chinese new year is very wide all over the world.So many people get confuse between lunar new year and Chinese new year word.

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Lunar New Year(China Vs Korea Vs Vietnam)

(1)China-Lunar new year in China known as Spring Festival.Chinese people celebrate the new year for the relaxation,prosperity and Friends.Before the new year's eve,Chinese people puts the red posters with the poetic verses on their words in the Chinese for the fortune.People decorate there house with lanterns and Chinese knots.Red colour is considered as lucky colour.Red lanterns plays very important role in Chinese new year decorations.
You will also find Red poster of greeting cards.This period is mostly enjoyable time period for children.Main food is in Chinese new year is Fish on table.Dumplings must have for the Chinese new year.Shape of dumplings is same as ancient gold as symbolises wealth.End up the Chinese new year with the fire crackers.This is small overview about the Chinese new year,You can find detailed information on "Chinese new year" tab provide in menu bar on home screen of our website.

(2)Korea-Lunar new year is Korea is known as Seollol.Lunar new year is Korea's most important holiday celebration.Korean people prepared by buying special packaged foods that they give to relatives and parents.Hori is famous game in Korea during lunar new year.Hori game is basically board game involving four bamboo sticks.Korean new year is same as Chinese new year.There is small difference between Chinese and Korean new year.It is time for family and gratitude.In the Korean new year Sticks plays very Important role in festival.In Korea,age is determined by lunar new year.This is small overview of Korean new year,You can find detailed information on "Korean New Year" tab provided in menu bar on home screen of our website.

(3)Vietnam-Vietnamese lunar new year is known as Tet festival.In Vietnam,Lunar new year celebration festival is of 7 days.In Vietnamese new year,Yellow colour is important along with red colour.Gifts are given in red envelop.Banh Chung is traditional main food in Vietnamese culture during Tet festival.Fruit has given importance in Vietnamese culture during Tet festival.Fruits are arranged in pyramid shape on the plate,known as Plate Of Fruits.This is small overview of Vietnamese new year,You can find detailed information on "Vietnamese New Year" tab provided in menu bar on home screen of our website.

Chinese Zodiac and Lunar new Year

Lunar new year celebration depends upon the Chinese Zodiac.Chinese Zodiac 12 part cycle corresponds to the years and each year is represented by 12 animals.In order they are The Rat,The Ox,The Tiger,The Rabbit,The Dragon,The Snake,The Horse,The Goat,The Money,The Rooster,The Dog and The Pig.Orders of animal is come from the old Folk story.2020 is Year of Rat.2021 is the year of Ox.In the Vietnamese culture,2020 is the Year of the White Buffalo.Ox comes second position in the Chinese Zodiac symbol.But in Vietnamese culture,white buffalo comes in second will see small variation in zodiac symbols with various countries.

Year of animal

Indian Traditions Influenced Lunisolar new year celebrations-

Following south Asian traditional lunisolar celebration is based on local lunisolar calendar and these Asian parts are now influenced by Indian Traditions

(1) Maharashtra(India)- Marathi People celebrate the Gudi-Padwa as The Marathi new year Festival.In Maharashtra,This day is considered as a Holiday day.Ugadi and Gudi-padwa celebrated as a lunisolar new year day by Deccan People in India 

(2)Kahmir(India)-Kashmiri new year,lunisolar new year's day is celebrated by Kashmiri pandits in India. Kashmiri  new year is also called Navreh.

(3)Indonesia-Lunisoalar new year is also celebrated in Bali and Indonesia.New year in Bali known as Nyepi.
As the above three new year celebrations is influenced by Indian traditions and they are not completely considered as a lunar new year celebrations.

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