lunar new year in many cities of china have been off due to Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak

lunar new year is biggest celebration in the china.lunar new year is also known as Chinese new year.Many of people comes to china from various countries to celebrate the spring festival.But lunar new year in many of cities of china have been called off in 2020 due to Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.A Wuhan city is the seventh largest city in the China.It is the major transportation hub of the country.A Wuhan city of 11 million people with almost no one on the streets,trains,planes,buses,almost nothing leaves of enter.Wuhan hospital in the epicentre of the outbreak are overwhelmed with the patients,so authorities of china have decided to build new dedicated hospital from scratch.they are hoping to complete constructions in just 7 days.In the existing hospitals existing workers are working tirelessly.Now,understand the what is Wuhan Coronavirus

Lunar new year 2020  in china has been turned off
Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

Everything about Wuhan Coronavirus that you need to know

Wuhan Coronavirus structural image
Coronavirus structure

What is Wuhan Coronavirus-

Cornonavirus are the group viruses that causes the respiratory infections in the human beings.It is first identified the mid-December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in central China as a number of people with pneumonia with no clear issue.The outbreak of the Wuhan virus is linked primarily to peoples who worked at the Hunan seafood wholesale market.Many of lunar new year events have been closed after the transmission including Beijing,other celebrating gatherings.The symptoms of the Pneumonia of unknown cause was linked to the wholesale animal and fish market.Coronavirus is mainly circulate among animals,but have been known to evolve and infect human.Coronavirus founds in the human that causes mild respiratory symptoms like the common cold.Confirmed cases of this virus infections are found in Australia,France,Hong Kong,Japan,Malaysia,Macau,Nepal,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan,united states and Vietnam Country.Suspected cases are found in India,Malaysia,United Kingdom,Philippines,Malaysia,Mexico county

Identification Of Wuhan Coronavirus virus affected human being-

Symptoms of the Wuhan Coronavirus affected human being-

(1)Fever is the main symptom.Reported symptoms have included fever in 90% cases.
(2)dry cough and feeling fatigue
(3) Sneezing and Coughing
(3)Shortness in breathing
(4) Respiratory Distress
(5)Low count of white blood cell
(6) Flue and Pneumonia like symptoms

Prevention and management-

Precautions to take to avoid spreading of Wuhan Virus-

(1) Regularly wash the hands.
(2)Cover mouth and nose when coughing  and sneezing
(3) Avoid the close contact with anyone showing symptoms of the respiratory illness (such as coughing and sneezing)


Current not have an effective medicine treatment or Vaccine.Though there are no specific treatment for general human coronavirus,But infected person can relieve their symptoms by taking flu medicines,
drinking fluids and resting.

Construction started for special hospital

Special type of  Hospital in China-

Special type of hospitals have been under the constructions known as Hushenshan Hospital.This hospital are constructed as a counter measure against a outbreak of Wuhan Viruses and to better treatment to patients.There is possibility to complete constructions in Just 7 Days

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