First 10 Impressions Of Vietnam Country that blows your mind.

  Vietnam country is listed as the one of the beautiful country in the world.Many travellers give first preference to Vietnam Country.When you first time will visit this country,the following 10 impressions of the Vietnam country blows your mind-

Impressions Of The Vietnam Country

(10)Gigantic Bamboo Pipe Smoke

When you walk on the street/road in Vietnam then generally you see people smoking with gigantic bamboo.They say that smoke with the Bamboo that helps them in the digestions,but personally I am not sure about this.Peoples in the Vietnam Loves green Tea and smoking at same time.
Gigantic Bamboos used for smoking in Vietnam
Large Bamboo smoking In Vietnam

Bamboo used for smooking
Bamboo used for smoking in Vietnam

(9)Baseball type small cap helmet

People in the Vietnam generally wears small cap type of helmet on the head while driving bike on the roads.Unique baseball cap type of helmet is popular amongst the Vietnam.It looks very unique when you see people driving bikes on the road.
Cap Helmet wear by Vietnamese
Baseball Cap Type Helmet

(8)Traffic conditions-

As already in our site we explained you about traffic conditions about Vietnam in amazing and important facts about the Vietnam.bikes are zipping on the road is much more than the capacity of roads,Serious Honk language is used by Vietnamese people.Honk is used for warning.Specific honk rhythms also found in Vietnam while zipping on roads.

Traffic conditions in Vietnam
Serious Traffic Condition in Vietnam

(7)Korean Influence-

People gets an Korean influence.Some style found in Vietnam is same as the Korean.Specially you feels similarity in hair style between the Vietnamese and Korean peoples.Vietnamese girls not do heavy make up as compared to western girls..If you think anything related to this then please comment down below box provided on page

Korean Wave In The Vietnam
Korea and Vietnam
Korean Wave

(6)Cheapest Beer in the World

Beer is almost cheap as water
Price of beer is nearly about 0.86 dollars.
Price of Water is nearly about 0.64 dollars.
From the above value you can get easily idea that beer is very cheap in Vietnam.
Most Popular traditional beer name is BIA HOI.It's cost is about 0.021 dollar and in dong 5.000 VND.
Bear BIA HOI is the cheapest bear in the not only in Vietnam but in the World.

2 Glass Of Beer
Beer in Glass
World cheapest beer is found in Vietnam-BIA HOI
World Cheapest Beer-BIA HOI

(5)Shouting(Loud Voice Tone)

It doesn't mean that they mean to anyone.Their tone is little bit loud but Vietnamese people are very nice people.They show unique type of gratitude-ness when someone approaches them for help

Vietnamese Loud Voice Tone
Loud Voice Tone

(4)Consumption of vegetables

Consumption of vegetable is much more in Vietnam.Sometimes food dishes are also decorate with the vegetables.Vietnamese people prefer the healthy food which is very good thing.

Foods decorate with Vegetables
Consumption Of Vegetables

dish of Vegetable
Vegetables in dish

(3) Tinny Dinning table and chairs-

Chairs and tables used for dinning in Vietnam is very small.You found this one different from other countries.
Chairs and tables in Vietnam
Tinny Dining Table

(2)Conical Traditional Hat

Conical hat is seen wear by all category of ages of people.Vietnamese county is a tropical country,So this conical type of hat is developed by Vietnamese which helps farmers during their works.One thing is very important to say that,Vietnamese love to maintain their traditional culture.They holds unique culture in the global world.

conical hat of Vietnam
 Conical Hat
Conical Hat wear by old Women in Vietnam
Conical Hat 

(1)Great Chinese Influence-

You see chines influence on Vietnamese in the different aspects  whether it is politics,social facts and ethics.You also see similar type  temple designs, architecture designs in Vietnam as of china.After all they both are neighbouring countries to each other.So.It is obvious that they share many of similar traditional unique cultures each other.

Architectural design same as China
Photo Click In Vietnam
Buddha In Vietnam Teple
God In Temple of Vietnam
Vietnam Culture is same as Chinese Culture
Architecture Design in Vietnam
Temple in Vietnam
Temple in Vietnam
Chinese Influence on Vietnam by Temple Design
Great Chinese Influence
    If you want to get more amazing facts about Vietnam Culture then you can find on the Vietnamese new year category provided on side bar.

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