Amazing and Important Facts About Vietnam country that many not knows

Vietnam Lunar new year celebration(Tet) is very popular celebration in all over the world.we are covering a each aspect of Tet(Vietnam lunar new year celebration) in our website.
But before Vietnam lunar new year celebration,It is very important to understand the important aspect and amazing facts about Vietnam country.Later on article,We will complete entire Vietnamese new year celebration(Tet Festival) by dividing into segments such as clothes,foods.decorations and greetings etc.

Vietnam Welcome Photo
Welcome to Vietnam

Facts that you should know about Vietnam-

Welcome to the world of Vietnam
The first thing comes in mind when you hear Vietnam is Vietnam soldier war.But now it is country known for many famous and interesting things.There are many important and amazing aspect of Vietnam.Let us discuss now.

1)Vietnam country is  well known for its beaches. Da Nang beach is famous for its marble mountains and cham sculpture.Da Nha Trang beach is also famous in Vietnam.

Vietnam Beache
Da Nang Beach

2)Vietnam listed as a 15th largest country based upon its population.It is population of approximately about 96 million people as 2019. population is 1.34% of total world population.This population is spread over an unique way long skinny type of landscape.

Population In Vietnam Country
Population in Vietnam

3)It is 65th largest country based on its total area that equal to the 331,212(in square km).Although Vietnam is small than the united states,it has more provinces that the America as states.Vietnam has 59 provinces and total 64 zones.

Drone shot in Vietnam Country
Geographical Drone Shot In Vietnam

4)Many of the think Saigon is capital of Vietnam but Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. However it is second largest city in Vietnam as per the population.

drone shot representing Hanoli city in Vietnam
Hanoi-Capital of Vietnam

5)In the Vietnam there is famous cave which is known as the Hang -son Doong.Hang Son Doong is world's largest cave in Vietnam

Longest Cave In Vietnam
Han Soon Doong Cave Inside View

6)Currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong(VND).When we talking about currency then we should now concentrate on Import and Export of the country.The most contribution in export is broadcast equipment and integrated circuits.The research shows that the so many telephones gets imported in country.

Vietnam Currency Dong
Currency Of Vietnam-DONG

Vietnam Best Export Product
Integrated Circuits In Vietnam(VLSI Solution)

7)Vietnam has an unique size and shape of landscape. Pretty much it is considered as the S of the south Asia.

provinces in Vietnam with s-shape in map
S-shape and provinces of Vietnam

8)It has one of the largest coastline region.The coastline is of 3260 km  and known for its beaches.Nearly about 10 million peoples comes every year to visit this country in a year.Most of peoples comes from neighbouring country china.

9)It has 21 national tourist spot. one of the famous spot is Ha long bay and it consist of 1600 islands.It is now referred as UNESCO zone.One of the important fact is that is geological space changes a lot as year by year time gone.

Vietnam Iceland
UNISECO -Zone View In Vietnam

10)Vietnam is largest producer of cashew nuts of any country in the world.Report indicates that in the first four month of 2010.they exported over 45 thousands ton of cashews and equal to nearly about 31 % of the total world.

cashew and nuts in glass bowl

11)It is very important that what the country gives to world and  what are the accomplishment?
In Olympics, In 2010 it gets the silver medal in Taekwondo and in  2016 country it gets gold medal in gun pistol.
Overall  for the Olympics,Vietnam received 3 silver medal and 1 gold medal,But  it doesn't get stop there.

gold and silver medallist in Vietnam
First Silver and Gold medallist in Vietnam

12)Another type of entertainment is Amusement park.Vietnam has  a major amusement park.It is very beautiful colourful park with  blue statue all over.In the amusement there are giant pendulums and wind mills.

wide drone shoot of amusement park in vietnam
Amusement Park In Vietnam

Amusement park beauty in Vietnam
Beautiful Amusement Park view in Vietnam

  Whole region is not just only amazing for its only culture but also for its beauty and history.It have beautiful valleys and beaches.Lets discuss some more points-
13)Vietnam exports more amount of coffee. It is second largest producer of coffee.In 2012,reports shows that,1.2 billion dollar of income just from coffee earned by Vietnam.    

Hd Photo of Coffee pant in vietnam country
Coffee in Vietnam 

14)Bikes and motorcycles are also very important when talking to about Vietnam. Peoples most prefer bike in Vietnam.It is reported around 37 million motorcycle zipped on the road.Bikes are more than the capacity of roads in Vietnam.

Bike running on roads in  Vietnam
Bicycle Zipping On The Road in Vietnam

15)It is only country of the Gods of Kitchen in the world.Cleaning of House is very important before the start of lunar new year celebration.

Gods Of Kitchen Vietnam
Gods Of Kitchen In Vietnam

16)Football(Soccer) game  is very popular in Vietnam. It is considered as the national game of Vietnam.Youth in country mostly participated in soccer.

Vietnam two soccer player
Football(Soccer)Game-play Of Vietnam Country

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